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You should Know These Things About Tencent Gaming Buddy

March 20, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy/Assistant is a revolutionary android emulator that enables you to play your favorite mobile games on PC. Tencent has designed the emulator in multiple languages and is very easy to install. The menu options and navigations are pretty much self understandable. So, what are you waiting for? You’re just a click away to enjoy your favorite mobile games on Desktop.

Even though the Tencent Gaming Buddy is accessible for many other games like Cyber Hunter, Arena of Valor, Crash royale and many more, in recent days it got famous for its compatibility with PUBG. PUBG has its desktop version, however, the mobile and desktop interfaces are different, which is hard to transform and understand. Well, Tencent Gaming Buddy took care of it. You can now enjoy the same interface on mobile and as well as the Desktop. It also doesn’t require any VPN connections and can adapt to different controls based on activities very easily. It just made the Isn’t it amazing!

Tencent Gaming Buddy was made to be accessible on very limited configuration computers too. The minimum requirement of the computer 3GB RAM. But the computer with better configuration can make your own experience better. The high-end computers can access ultra-HD and 4K screens too.

PUBG through Tencent Gaming Buddy:

PUBG Mobile is truly a great game. But as we all know gaming experience can get better when we have the power of keyboard controls and mouse, which is why all the gamers are looking at emulators. Tencent, the new PUBG emulator will match you only with the other players using the emulator, (not PUBG mobile users) to give better competition and experience. Most of the PUBG Mobile controls have been optimized to keyboard and mouse controls and still trying to add more features. There are some features still under beta. For example, the shortcut for fullscreen. Clicking on F11 is not shifting to full screen but it’s cutting down some of the controls and not responsible for every desktop size.

Let’s see the quick procedure to launch your PUBG Mobile on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy:

PUBG doesn’t require any introduction. It took one of the best games in the recent gaming world. PUBG is a shooting game between person to person. The last person or team who survives wins. PUBG has already launched its desktop version. Then why an emulator? Read through:

● High-End PC required: PUBG Desktop required a PC with high configuration, which led many of the users were unable to play.
● Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, the PC version and Mobile version of PUBG games look and work differently.

Here is how you can get over the above issues. Go to Tencent’s official website and on the main page, you’ll find a button to Download Tencent Gaming Buddy. You can click on the button and it’ll download a file directly to your PC.
● Download the PUBG game from Tencent’s official website, which is of 1.5 GB. and just click on PLAY and see the magic.
Yes! That’s it. It doesn’t have any complex methods to download or play. What are you waiting for? Uninstall PUBG on your Desktop and install Tencent Gaming Buddy.


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